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    you would lose.
    I doubt it.
    they would say that they pick up brass for safety and would probably say that you could have dug them out of the bucket.
    Then we'd never have been in that position, not to mention the report the police would file would either show this to be true or false. If I caught them in a lie here, that is end of the hearing, I'd win.
    the casings had a new value of about .40 and I cant see a judge awarding much for pain and suffering for some brass
    Oh. Thats the misunderstanding. If you have never sued someone (I've sued dozens of people) then you might not know how small claims court works. Court fees for each party is 125 dollars (250$), then a professional server to serve them with the lawsuit (100-150$, 350-400$ so far), I'll need the paperwork the police filled out (i wanna say 75$, 425-475 total). Then the amount or value of the brass and my time involved for every minute of time I've had involved in the incident and in the lawsuit. When I go to the police station to talk to the police about getting the paperwork, thats 1 hour, when I go back to pick it up, thats 1 hour, hiring the server, thats 1 hour, paying the server, thats 1 hour etc. It really adds up by the time they are going to be out several hundred dollars.

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    It depends. Tumblr seems to attract the not so employed ones, but there was some Agent Orange doxxing of Radfem hub going on a while back that showed some of them were teachers, lawyers, etc.

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    How's her butt?